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This is Where Our Healing Gets Real

Hey Family!

Kick off your shoes, pull up a chair, sit a spell. Join The Family for FRONT PORCH FRIDAYS a refreshing, new gathering of amazing folks just like you! Journey off the beaten path of worn-out conversations and tired table talks and come to our own, special safe-space, "Where Our Healing Gets Real™". You'll find us just a tiny shift away from the beaten path. Ours is the road less travelled.

FRONT PORCH FRIDAYS is our GIFT TO YOU, every Friday, for the entire month of November! Come together as we drill down into the stuff Black folks are made of. We take our time, and even have some fun, healing our relationships with family, friends, colleagues, loved ones, and more importantly--ourselves. Emerge from the porch more energized, unified, empowered, hopeful and triumphant! This Family makes work fun!

You are invited to share access to our inheritance--our most valued treasure--a chest filled to overflowing with special, practical tools to support you through your lifetime of fulfilling interactions in your everyday life!

Don't be shy! Come on! Jump up on the porch! There's plenty of room...--we saved a seat just for you! Gather together with The Family, and engage in this powerful, healthy, much anticipated journey of love, acceptance and discovery!



PART 2: NOV 16

PART 3: NOV 23

PART 4: NOV 30

The Hoppers

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