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Meet The Hoppers

Payge Means Hopper, MA, CPC


Payge Means Hopper is the author of the new book Healing the Wounds of American Slavery, which unearths a precise paradigm shift in the way these wounds are understood, overcome and healed.

Payge Means Hopper has been active with the California Community College system for more than 20 years and  LAUSD for more than 13 years, and has mentored thousands of youth.  She has led personal development leadership trainings for more than 25 years. 


Payge is a frequent master facilitator of meetings and workshops, and has served as a consultant to government organizations including departments at the California State Capitol.  Her current research involves Black male/female relationships, single Black fathers, and how contemporary public relations shapes the lives and world’s view of Black Americans.

Payge holds an M.A. degree in Communications & Public Relations from California Baptist University, Riverside, a B.A. degree in Cinema and Television Arts from California State University, Northridge and an A.A. degree in Television Production from Laney College, Oakland.


Michael L. Hopper


Michael L. Hopper is the author of the new book Pivot in the Pandemica guide helping people navigate a shift to new careers in the midst of the pandemic.  Hopper is a tenured faculty member at Los Angeles Trade Technical Community College (LATTC). He received his bachelor and master degrees from San Francisco State University. He has spent more than 25 years with various nonprofit agencies in northern/southern California serving children, youth and families.


Michael has served as an EOPS counselor, summer bridge coordinator at Ohlone College, an international student counselor at Peralta Community College District, an outreach/matriculation counselor at El Camino College; an adjunct EOPS counselor at Los Angeles City College, and a general CalWORKS counselor.


He has received honors for outstanding work with community organizations. His passion comes from helping people find and pursue their life’s purpose.


Michael is happily married to the lovely Payge Means Hopper (18 years and going strong!). The Hoppers started a nonprofit foundation 13 years ago that has served more than 6,000 Los Angeles youth, and counting.

Photo Credit Jeann Yung

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