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Healing the Wounds of American Slavery

The Book That Will Change Absolutely Everything!



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There Is a Path to Healing Inside...


The wounds of American Slavery are still alive and festering within us, and can be triggered, at any time, without warning. When serious wounds are left untreated, they can become septic, and lethal.  These multi-generational wounds have cut us off from our true legacy—obstructing us from who we are really meant to be. Now we have a way to get back to where we are supposed to be. There is a path to healing in this book.  I know this personally. 


We are desperate for answers, and thirsty for quick fixes. But I can tell you, from experience, the answers are not instant and they won’t be found in a single, critical moment, but rather on a journey of discovery, which I am still traveling, uncovering more.  Take heart!  I have prayed for you.  Your time has arrived.  You hold in your hands my personal blueprint.  It is designed to empower you, to inspire you, to support you as you begin your own journey.   Open it, and step onto your path.

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