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Maya Angelou

The one hand trying to wash itself is a pitiful spectacle, but when one hand washes the other, power is increased, and it becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Deep Stare

Our Mission

The time for healing
is now

Black men and woman are facing some very serious issues.  The only mystery seems to be how to resolve these issues.  Husband and wife team, Michael and Payge Hopper, believe they not only have some answers, but bring a lot of hope to this challenge.  

“Our interactive productions (workshops), expose stereotypes and behaviors derived from American slavery. We examine the behaviors from that perspective, bring theses patterns into modern-day light, expose the lies and apply truth," explains Payge Means Hopper, founder of the Healing the Wounds series.

Many of the residual, debilitating problems between Black men and women are tackled, and often resolved, instantaneously in our interactions with the Healing the Wounds "family"--our participants.

"There is a well-known taboo in Black culture that prohibits the public unpacking of our dirty laundry. So, our team immediately creates a very safe and warm space of trust for our family.  It is a respectful environment, where men and women can be fully self-expressive.  And believe me, they take advantage of every bit of that opportunity.” 

“As our men and women struggle to push past delicate wounds just to survive daily living, it detracts from the focus on what really matters, and depletes their energy to do something about it."

"The evidence of our struggle is in the statistics.  We face educational barriers, high divorce rates, health impediments, unprecedented prison populations, dysfunctional foster care systems, the highest rate of abortions in the country, and so many more indicators of the severity of our current predicament.”

​“Black male & female relationships are the core of the family.  The family is the core of our communities. Our communities are the core of our world.  So, when Black male/female relationships are sick, we all suffer.  I believe the tide is shifting, and there really is hope, but we have a lot of work to do.”

Healing the Wounds of American Slavery is an organization with a bold, compassionate approach to the comprehension and dismantling of damaging beliefs that keep African Americans in fearful, destructive, unproductive patterns.

The organization invites all those who want answers without hype or rhetoric.

Interactive Productions

A multi-media experience presented in a safe environment.  Our live workshops are designed for maximum interaction and impact.  Our creative content provides thought provoking discussions, activities and exercises that prompt life-altering breakthroughs.  Our goal is to explore the myths and stereotypes which threaten to disintegrate the infrastructure of Black families and communities.

Healing the Wounds of Black Male & Female Relationships is an interactive production experience designed to explore wounds, myths and stereotypes which threaten to disintegrate Black male and female relationships which is the infrastructure of the African American family.

This interactive experience engages its participants utilizing creative content, inspirational interaction, galvanizing games, and deep discussion to invoke critical thinking to the efficacy of its participants.

What People Are Saying...

...about Healing the Wounds of American Slavery Book, Workshops and Webinars!

"Just the wound section alone gave me some a-ha moment that I've been trying to figure out for the longest. This IS and WILL be the most important writing of this millennium!" -- Genoa Peak

"The workshop was inspiring. I learned about my hidden wounds. It really hit home."

"The truths told in Healing the Wounds of American Slavery are not easy to face, but must be, by descendants of slaves and slave owners alike." --Paula Williams Madison, Former Owner of the LA Sparks, Author of Finding Samuel Lowe

"Thank you, Payge! So proud of you! So exciting!" --Pastor Monty Mulkey

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