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Healing the Wounds of American Slavery


Welcome to Healing the Wounds of American Slavery. Please explore our site and all that we have to offer. We believe Healing the Wounds can ignite the courage to shift the paradigm of how you see yourself within America's race relations landscape. 

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Are We Being Held Captive

By What We Can't See?

  • America was built on a legacy of criminalizing education and other opportunities for Black Americans.

  • How has this actually changed over the course of 155 years of "freedom"? 

  • Are well-meaning politicians, educators, and community leaders languishing in non-solutions?

  • Healing the Wounds of American Slavery is a paradigm-shift.

  • It is a critical exploration of generational wounds that block progress for Black Americans.

  • Payge Means Hopper's thought-provoking book is our blueprint.

  • Healing the Wounds of American Slavery delivers NEW language and ideas, not fossilizing rhetoric.

  • The book: Healing the Wounds of American Slavery holds the POWER to change everything!

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Interactive Workshop Productions

Our multi-media online and live workshops are designed for maximum interaction and impact.  Our content provides thought-provoking discussions, activities and exercises that prompt paradigm-shifting breakthroughs.  We explore the myths and stereotypes which threaten to disintegrate the infrastructure of Black families and communities.

For more information, click below.

What People Are Saying...

...about Healing the Wounds of American Slavery


"Just the wounds section alone gave me some a-ha moments

that I've been trying to figure out for the longest. This IS and WILL

be the most important writing of this millennium!" -- Genoa Peak


"The workshop was inspiring. I learned about my hidden wounds.

It really hit home." -- Yesenia Quinteros


"The truths told in Healing the Wounds of American Slavery 

are not easy to face, but must be, by descendants of slaves

and slave owners alike."  --Paula Williams Madison


"So proud of you, Payge! This is so exciting!" --Pastor Monty Mulkey

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Your book is excellent, Payge. It’s taken me 8 months to read it and I am still not through. But I am savoring it. I just finished reading about death and fear of death chapter. Really can understand now better and am glad to the depth you shared. What a book! -Caroline Minkowski

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